Ducts Cleaners has excelled in the indoor air quality industry since 2004. We have cleaned thousands of residential and commercial ventilation systems within Ontario. Our trained technicians are working 7 days a week, every week of the year. We don’t just promise quality, we deliver.We have thousands satisfied customers who are registered with us.
Ducts Cleaners has serviced and cleaned thousands of air ducts in the Ontario. This alone speaks volumes about our service. Customers have us back year after year. Improved techniques learned through years, ensure fast and reliable and efficient service. So the next time, you’re in the market for Duct Cleaning Services, consider giving us a call for a free estimate.
Our air duct cleaning service uses a vacuum under negative pressure to remove pollutants and debris from your system. Over the past two decades scientists have been carefully examining the indoor air environment of our offices, factories and homes and they have found this environment to be even more hazardous to our health than outdoor air.
Ducts Cleaners uses the most quality products to ensure a fresh air and healthier clean home for your family.

Why Call Ducts Cleaners?

your home is very important. Our company offers the best variety in air duct cleaning solutions and service in whole (residential and commercial). With our excellent customer care we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We use latest, most advanced HVAC equipment and have the tools to handle any task. We run commercial vehicles, so we are always ready to help you

Our Services

  • Dry Vent Cleaning
  • J-panel Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Dryer link Cleaning
  • HVAC Cleaning
  • Furnace Servicing & Cleaning